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Mentoring Reflections
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Having someone there to help aid in your personal and professional development has been proven to have a positive impact on young people. So, we’ve asked our mentees and mentors to share the powerful effects of mentorship/mentoring relationships.

Yekaterina Sionov image“I received an offer from EY for a full-time position in Assurance Services and I would not have been able to achieve this without my mentor, Anna Gitelman and all the amazing women in the FWA Mentoring Program.”

Yekaterina Sionov

Baruch College, Class of 2018

Baruch Mentees image

Anna Ng, Maria Isabel Wu Cen and Jeanne Jin were selected for the Deloitte Audit Innovation Campus Challenge national competition. They commented:

“The Challenge was definitely an eye-opening and rewarding experience for us. We knew our hard work and efforts paid off when we won at the regional competition in Boston and advanced to nationals in Dallas. We are incredibly proud and honored to be able to represent Baruch College and FWA in this journey. We know we would not have been able to come this far if it wasn’t for the guidance of our Faculty Advisors and Subject Matter Leaders, Mr. Armando Machado, AJ Parillo, Gaurav Jaju, Thomas Ray, and Jack Pullara. We would also like to thank our Deloitte recruiter, Ms. Erum Zubair for her constant support and efforts in always making sure our questions and concerns were addressed and for always keeping in contact with us throughout the entirety of the journey. Lastly, a huge shout out to Olga Barskaya, Betsy Werley, and our amazing mentors, Maureen McCarthy, Donna Stein, and Kimm Maugeri for their kind words of motivation and encouragement. From this challenge, we are walking away with more than just the enjoyment and experience, but also the insight, knowledge, and lifelong connections made. This is just the beginning for us!

FWA Mentees
Baruch College 2018

Salma Mohamed image“My Mentor, Marline Alexander taught me what an authentic mentor looks like and how to make a meaningful impact in someone’s life as a teacher, advocate,and friend. Having Marline in my life has been the biggest blessing of all. I am extremely grateful to the FWA for facilitating this type of connection. It is so rare to find people, of any gender, who are willing to make the time and the commitment necessary to nourish a fulfilling mentor/mentee relationship, yet, every year, the FWA Mentoring Program manages to surpass all expectations.

This program is the beautiful reminder to always reciprocate the investment others have put in you so that you may contribute to the success of the next generation of influential leaders.”

Salma Mohamed
Baruch College Bachelors 2016

Marlene Alexander“I’ve been part of the FWA Mentoring Program for more than 4 years. This program is not a one-way street. Mentees and mentors both benefit from the experiences together. As mentors, we give advice and are there to help guide mentees along their career journey, in return our reward is the feeling of paying-it-forward by helping these young women reach their goals. Our mentees have such fresh insight on the world around us and I appreciate being in a position to share some of career knowledge I’ve obtained over the years with such deserving future women leaders.”

Marline Alexander
FWA Mentor

Katrin Dambrot“I have been privileged to be a mentor to a wonderful and talented individual. Participating in mentoring activities has given me a keen awareness of the immense value of the program and the life-changing effect that it has on both the mentees as well as the mentors.”

Katrin Dambrot
FWA President 2015-2017

Kiwing Lok image“The FWA Mentoring Program has given me with an opportunity to have mentors that provide guidance throughout my career. I’m lucky to have two mentors; Jane Bernadini and Alison Lee. Both are incredible, and have passed along useful advice that has been instrumental in both my personal and professional development. The advice shared, and lessons learned from our FWA events, have empowered me and taught me to keep moving forward despite any hardships or obstacles. There are so many opportunities to meet inspiring women and take in all their wisdom and guidance. This, is yet another reason I recommend the FWA Mentoring Program to others. The FWA program has left a lifelong impact on my life. From the relationships, I’ve formed to the many wonderful women I have met. All who have taught me the importance of feeling confident and empowered.”

Kiwing Lok
Baruch College Bachelors 2017/Masters 2018

Cynthia Drew photo with mentee“Mentorship is a wonderful experience! My mentee’s strong work ethic and positive attitude is very reassuring to me as I look at our country’s future. We face so many serious challenges that demand a strong posture and commitment to discovery and growth. Further, it is extremely rewarding to watch my mentee’s growth as I see her confidence develop and result in very discernible ways that I know will afford her a very bright future!”

Cynthia Drew
FWA Mentor

“As part of the FWA’s mentoring program we take trips to colleges and have SAT prep sessions which have helped me get ready to apply to college. With the trip it gave me an insight to the college experience. The SAT prep was able to help me develop new strategies for the test, therefore improving my scores.”

Ilene Tam
High School for Economics and Finance Junior, Class of 2018

Annette Stewart image“Being a mentor is an incredible opportunity and the FWA creates the perfect program for professionals to engage in mentoring. I am able to give back to others who value my experience, but gain so much through the relationships built. ”



Annette Stewart
FWA Mentor

Juleissy Brioso imageFWA’s mentoring program has prepared me greatly in facing one of my greatest fears, interviews. I recall one activity that really stuck with me, learning how to write and perfect an elevator speech. My mentor, Stefani Bollag, has contributed to conquering my fear of interviewing. She devoted a great deal of time and effort to calling me and preparing me with mock interviews. She asked the personal questions that many are often intimidated by during the interview process. This practice allowed me to feel ready when the real interviews came. The FWA has helped me grow aware of who I am. I feel confident and strong enough to face interviews and I now know how to give an elevator speech. Thank you FWA!

Juleissy Brioso
Murry Bergtraum High School For Business Careers Senior, Class of 2017

Jasmine N. Mangum imageThe FWA’s commitment to their mentees let me know that this was an organization truly invested in molding the corporate world’s future leaders and I knew that I had to be involved. What I am most fond of is that the FWA’s mentoring program extends far beyond any event or experience. The relationship formed with my mentors has carried on even today and the wonderful FWA mentors don’t just mentor young ladies into college, they prepare future women executives for the positions they currently hold. More importantly the FWA mentors fulfill the mission of accelerating the leadership and success of women.

Jasmine N. Mangum
Murry Bergtraum High School For Business Careers, Class of 2012

Interested in Mentoring?

Given how important mentoring is, you could be a key source of knowledge to a young woman seeking guidance with developing her career. To learn more about FWA mentoring and to get involved contact:

(Baruch College) Betsy Werley,
(Seton Hall University) Carol Doyle,
(High School) Beth Dorfman or Mindy Kipness.