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FWA Programs


FWA scholarships, financial literacy workshops, community service activities — and mentoring programs —have benefited more than 5,600 individuals over the past 30 years.

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Mentoring a student can be the most powerful influence on her professional future. FWA mentors help economically, culturally, and ethnically diverse high school and undergraduate college students define their dreams – and discover the ways and means to achieve them. FWA mentees experience new and different educational and career opportunities. They’re provided advice and support in academic and professional areas and are encouraged to increasetheir cultural awareness. The FWA’s one-on-one mentoring program is recognized as a model program by Harvard University.

High School Mentoring Program

The FWA High School Mentoring Program, established in 1986, is one of the longest-running New York City School partnerships to mentor low-income and minority high school students in NYC.

Begun at Murry Bergtraum High School for Business Careers (MBHS), the program transitioned to the High School of Economics and Finance (HSEF) in 2015. About 30 girls join eachyear as sophomores and continue through graduation. They’re provided with: One-on-one mentoring, career discussions, college search and application support, community service opportunities, financial aid workshops, overnight college visits, SAT and PSAT preparation classes, social and cultural opportunities, weekly academic and personal advancement support, and more.

Undergraduate College Mentoring Program

FWA’s Undergraduate College Mentoring Programs at Baruch College and the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University mentor undergraduate business students. Activities include visits to top companies, workshops on self-promotion and networking, lunches with professionals who share advice about their successful careers, and recruitment opportunities at major financial institutions.

FWA Baurch College Mentoring Program

Each year since 2002, 30 or more mentees benefit from transformative values as well an easing of their financial burden while preparing for careers. Mentee Awards provide financial support in junior and senior years. Study Abroad opportunities provide academic and cultural enrichment.

Seton Hall University Mentoring Program

Mentees may also attend leadership conferences and pursue recruitment opportunities. At the Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University, the recently-formed FWA Undergraduate Mentor Program continues to grow. Fifteen students participated in 2016–17.

Graduates of the program land jobs at top firms around the country, including Amazon, Facebook, Goldman Sachs, Google, JPMorganChase, Morgan Stanley, and BMO Capital Markets.

With the program over a decade old, the community of FWA alumnae is growing.
Former mentees are becoming mentors and leaders in the FWA.


Be a Mentor Now!

Given how important mentoring is, you could be a key source of knowledge to a young woman seeking guidance with developing her career. To learn more about FWA mentoring and to get involved contact:

(Baruch College) Betsy Werley,
(Seton Hall University) Carol Doyle,
(High School) Beth Dorfman or Mindy Kipness.