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Top Reasons to Join the FWA
Join the FWA 

Top Reasons to Join the FWA


  1. Lifelong friendships – Can’t find time to make real friends? You’ll make lifelong friends with like-minded women.

  2. Yearly membership costs less than a cup of coffee a day – It’s your choice coffee or your career. Which will boost your wallet.

  3. Love international travel? Our annual international business conferences feature high-level meetings with government leaders and experts. As a business-related educational experience, it may even be tax deductible.

  4. If you’re out of work, look like you’re at work – and stay in the game. Join a committee or take on a leadership role.

  5. Tired of women getting paid less? Not getting promotions? Become part of the solution. There’s strength in numbers.

  6. Worried that you don’t have a brand? Our skill-building courses focus on building your brand through PR, media training and more.

  7. Feeling left behind with the rush of social media? Top experts will show you how to use it – for you or your company – and stay ahead of the game.

  8. Meet powerful, high level speakers at greatly reduced prices. Where else can you actually meet one of the nation’s top CEOs in an intimate setting without spending $1,000 or more?

  9. What are key job trends? Who’s hiring, where and why? Our events with top leaders tell you.

  10. We’re a nonprofit – That means we put others first, not our own financial interests.You can leave a legacy. Even just your membership supports our programs – and it’s tax deductible as a business expense.

  11. Out of work? Find a job in our new modernized Career Center. Our partners are specifically interested in women.

  12. Because of our partnership with over 20 major corporations, we know what companies want. That helps us guide our members in jobs and training to keep current.

  13. When you need career advice or other help – and don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands – there’s the FWA membership directory. Our smaller size allows us to truly connect.

  14. We’re not a factory. The FWA builds personal relationships and cares personally about the well-being of our members.

  15. Your FWA membership also gives you instant membership into two other New York organizations, NYWA and TIAW. Where else can you get THAT for free?

  16. Your voice really matters. Your input on surveys helps the FWA be a powerful voice on key issues to advance women.

  17. “I didn’t realize the impact the FWA mentoring program would have on my career.” A student – now a professional in the financial industry – said that about her mentor and FWA member. A future student could be saying that about you.

  18. Our annual summit and awards ceremony are two of the financial industry’s hottest events focused on advancing women. Get ready for this year’s Women of the Year honorees.

  19. Be a Mentor.  Pay it forward by mentoring a high school or college student. Share your career knowledge and make a meaningful impact to a young person's life.

  20. You can leave a legacy. Even just your membership supports our programs – and it’s tax deductible as a business expense.