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FWA Call to Action

Call to Action

Be a force for women in the financial world.


From the House of Representatives to the C-suite and the streets to the soccer field, women are demanding change by challenging stereotypes and diversifying gender roles. Help us IGNITE intellectual conversations about things that matter in the financial community, in your community, and in the world around us.

YOU can be part of powerful discussions on topics like the gender pay gap, #MeToo, diversity on corporate boards, how to negotiate with bullies, ways working-moms can balance family and work, regulatory upheaval in the banking industry, what to expect from cryptocurrency markets, top trends in mobile banking, artificial intelligence and so much more.

Let the FWA assist you in getting the exposure you deserve. We provide a unique platform to help you inspire, influence and impact your industry peers in a meaningful way. Whether you unlock next level thinking by speaking at one of our events, ask your industry peers the hard questions by joining the trending conversations on our LinkedIn page, or get featured in our weekly newsletter Spotlight, the FWA can accelerate your career by giving you a place to share your story, network, and develop fresh new ideas to combat the demands of the changing workforce.


It’s no secret that the financial industry is very male dominated, but here’s your chance to be the change needed to propel women in leadership to forefront.

If you’re passionate about microfinance, entrepreneurship, technology, hot financial topics, or see yourself as a Male Ally then consider joining one of our 25+ committees. As a committee member, you’ll not only have the opportunity to expand your network, enhance your skill set to include event planning, organizing, marketing and executing programs, but you’ll get the opportunity to be part of a collaborative environment.

Take the first step in transforming your career and your life for the better by helping identify challenges facing women in leadership positions today. Be part of the solution while strengthening your own capabilities as a leader by participating in the event planning process.


Be the Vision imageWe are committed to the work we do in the communities around us. We recognize that by investing in future women leaders, we can be the difference that leads to a crack in the glass ceiling for women around the globe.

That’s why our educational programs – including our high school and college mentoring program, provide students with opportunities for career guidance and scholarship. By providing each student with a mentor, we create a positive environment to help our mentees learn and grow as they navigate their path to leadership.

Whether you’re looking to pay it forward and give back to a future woman leader or need advice on how to land your next promotion, the FWA is your one stop resource for mentoring.

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