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News & Press: Program Highlights

Wall Street Exchange Session #7: BNY Mellon Team Demonstrates the Power of “EQ”

Wednesday, August 5, 2020   (0 Comments)
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The topic for Session 7 of the Wall Street Exchange Program was Emotional Intelligence, held via WebEx on July 29, 2020. WSE Co-Chair Gerri Bostick opened the event with introductions of the facilitators and panelists from BNY Mellon as well as with a quote she created to introduce the evening’s focus: “If culture eats strategy for breakfast, then EQ eats IQ for dinner”.

 Amber Doreen
Lead Analyst
Prime Brokerage
Renee Milbrad
Client Services Officer
Clearance & Collatera
Marcia Davis DiLorenzo
Director of HR
Clearance & Collateral
Peter Murphy
Managing Director
Prime Brokerage

Renee Milbrad, co-facilitator, kicked off the interactive session with a discussion of what emotional intelligence is and gave some examples of why it is important. The participants then had an opportunity to break into smaller groups and discuss their own definitions and views on the topic. In the larger group, Renee had volunteers participate in a discussion of the group’s consensus on EQ, the moniker for emotional intelligence. She showed some astounding statistics of the importance of EQ and its impact on success at work. Critically, EQ represents 2/3 of job success and increases as people assume more senior roles.

The session proceeded with the introduction of one of the components of EQ, self-awareness, presented by Amber Doreen, co-facilitator. Renee conducted several polls to test the participants’ knowledge of the power of EQ. A fun exercise was conducted which had the interns identify their own color and that of their mentor or supervisor. Marcia Davis-DiLorenzo then led a discussion of social awareness which has to do with rapport and the capacity for empathy. She gave them a formula for managing their own emotional triggers. Peter Murphy then introduced his definition of relationship management and offered some colorful stories on how BNY Mellon manages its relationships with its customers. He offered some tips on how the interns could build strong and lasting relationships.

The key takeaways from the session for the interns were:

  • A better understanding of Emotional Intelligence
  • An understanding of the value it plays in the professional work place, and
  • An increase in their own ability to improve their EQ moving forward

A huge Thank You to the team at BNY Mellon for the time and effort they devoted to developing this first ever Emotional Intelligence workshop for the WSE program. We are deeply appreciative. BNY Mellon is an FWA President's Circle member.