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News & Press: Meet Our Mentees

Meet Our Mentee - Rosalind Kuang

Wednesday, July 22, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Lisa Buddenhagen
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Roslind Kuang<br> Baruch Class of 2020Rosalind Kuang
Baruch College class of 2020

Rosalind Kuang
Zicklin School of Business
Bachelor of Business Administration - Finance
Anticipated Graduation: 2020

The Financial Women’s Association has been a pivotal part of my undergrad success as a student and professional. The past two years have drastically changed my outlook and perspective on life. This program has supported me through all the ups and downs by matching me with my perfect mentor, Peggy Decker, and a large group of successful women willing to help us with arms wide open. I am incredibly thankful to be a part of this amazing program and would like to give a huge shout out to Olga Barskaya and Betsy Werley for the most perfect events and unforgettable experiences. The support system FWA has provided me is like no other.

Breaking through into corporate America was unimaginable for someone like me: a woman, a minority, a first generation college student. My family has instilled in me the importance of hard work, grit and perseverance. Growing up my mother always told me “if you do things from your heart, you will always do it right.” My work ethic to work hard was instilled in me at a young age however, Peggy and the FWA has instilled in me the way to work purposefully. But, most of all FWA has taught me the importance of taking every opportunity and giving back. FWA has endlessly taught us the importance of networking and believing in our journey to success; All of that seemed to be the most ideal situation but, unrealistic at the time of rejection after rejection.

The turning point of my internship hunt during my junior year was the moment Peggy asked me to volunteer at yet another FWA event. This event was a collaboration event with FWA and WIN hosted at the Bank of New York Mellon. At the time, I had no idea what BNYM did but, through just a few brief conversations, I noticed the people were genuinely happy and proud to work at this company. To make small talk, I ask if they offered internships without knowing what kind of financial institution it was. Fortunately, the answer was yes but, unfortunately, I didn’t keep in contact with my connections from that night. Fast forward summer 2019, I interned in the finance division at BNYM. I landed a finance internship my junior year, jackpot! Little did I know the offer was for the Pittsburgh office. Yet again, another speed bump on my journey. Luckily, I had Peggy by my side. Peggy supported my decision to relocate for the summer and assured me that it was the right move.

During my internship, I questioned if I made the right decision and from 400 miles away Peggy reassured me my decision was right and learned it was okay to be uncomfortable. Peggy encouraged me to ask for what I wanted. I landed a part time position at BNY Mellon at the end of my summer internship and was offered to join the company full time in the Emerging Leaders Program after graduation in the Global Client Management division. FWA has provided me a platform to grow as a professional and matched me with the perfect mentor to support my journey. We were just 2 strangers who built an unbelievable bond with one another. My story comes back full circle as I continuously volunteer at events, connect with my younger peers and encourage others the most ideal situation we hear about at these events will be a reality for them too.

FWA is a support system that taught me to not only celebrate our successes but, also embrace our failures as lessons. I continuously learned and grew from my peers’ and mentors’ experiences to morph me into the person I am today. Each interaction with FWA had one common denominator from every personal story to every small or large scale event; We are all capable of success. I am immensely thankful and grateful to be selected as a mentee two years ago and to be paired with Peggy. My time as an FWA mentee may have come to an end but, my relationship with FWA and Peggy will be a lifelong bond to indefinitely learn, grow and retribute to the FWA program.

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